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How long will shipping take?

Our warehouse is in Twin Lakes, WI. 

We have multiple options for shipping. All products are shipped out Monday to Friday. We have a 2-day (business days) option within the states. Our standard shipping will take 3-7 days within the states. 

Shipping within Canada will take 1-3 weeks. The shipping takes longer because of the customs. Hopefully the borders get better and it gets sped up soon.

International shipping will take 2-4 weeks to arrive. Remember to put in the right phone number because you will need to pay duties. 

Will the necklace turn my neck green? 

No, we are using stainless steel and in our gold necklaces, 18K gold plating that is infused into the stainless steel. These necklaces will not turn your neck green.

Our necklaces are also sweatproof and waterproof. Feel free to wear your Choty anywhere you'd like! 

Fun fact, when purchasing a necklace if that necklace has copper/bronze in it, there is a chance it will turn your neck green (when sweating or getting wet). 

What size of chain does the pendant come with?

Every Choty pendant comes with a 26 inch chain that is 2.5MM thick. It is highly recommended to upgrade to the 3MM rope chain and you can pick your own length from the 20, 22, 24, and 26 inch chain. 

Are all necklaces custom done?

All necklaces have been customized and uniquely made by Choty. We take pride in providing a unique product and are constantly upgrading it. We have redesigned this necklace over 15+ times to get it to where it is today. 

What is a multi-purpose necklace?

The Choty is a functional piece of jewelry. If you want to create a "shotgun" hole or put a hole in a can to drink out of. You can by using your Choty to do this. Follow us on Tiktok @TheChotyNecklace to see how this is done. 

Is the pendant designed to make a "shotgun" hole in a can?

The Choty is the first of it's kind and has a built-in shotgun tool in the pendant. Follow us on TikTok to see how to use the Choty. Our TikTok is @TheChotyNecklace. We have a ton of videos up there. Enjoy! 

How do I become an ambassador?

We welcome everyone to join our team. Message us on Instagram @TheChoty with why you would make a great ambassador. We are constantly growing our team and looking forward to hearing from you!

Where to find us on social media?

Find us on Instagram through our two accounts (@TheChoty) & (@ChotyOfficial). 

Find us on TikTok @TheChotyNecklace. 

Find us on Facebook at the Choty Page. 

Any questions, message us on Instagram.