Choty -  Mystery Box

Choty - Mystery Box

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Choty - The Mystery Box - Chain and Pouch Included

 In the "Mystery Box" you will have a chance at:

 1. Two different Chotys


 2. A Choty and a 20 inch chain


We've designed a premium quality state-of-the-art shotgun necklace. Every pendant has a built-in shotgun tool. Each purchase includes a chain and pouch.  This pendant was crafted and recrafted many times to perfection. This pendant is slightly larger and makes for a necklace that will stand out. The pendant will puncture a perfect hole in a can every time. 

No more cutting your fingers, using your keys, or chipping your teeth puncturing a beer can. This convenient pendant necklace will save you time and puncture your beer with ease. 

Length of Necklace: 28 inch

Pendant: 316L Stainless steel with 18K gold plating infused. 

Shipping: 3 to 7 days shipping or a 2-day shipping option within the states.

Canada Shipments have seen some delays at the border and can take up to 2-3 weeks. Order as soon as you can if you want it for Christmas 🎄

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