About Us

You might be wondering what is a Choty? What is a shotgun necklace? The Choty is the first of it's kind and a functional piece of jewelry! 

Choty's are affordable dual-purpose necklaces with a multitude of designs. Every pendant includes a 28 inch chain and pouch. What is a shotgun necklace? Let me tell you! Each pendant has a built-in shotgun tool. This allows you to make that perfect hole in your can every time. No problem, if you don't "shotgun", don't worry! Most of our customers wear the necklace for the sleek design. You can wear your Choty for any occasion.

What does the world's best shotgun necklace look like? Watch below!

State-of-the-art pendant necklace
Stylish and functional 
Premium quality
Built-in shotgun tool
Multiple designs